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Sexuality education is an issue that’s near and dear to our hearts. And being educated about sexuality is just the first step in making a difference when it comes to a host of issues related to sexuality.

Just choose an issue below, and then choose one of three ways you can take action from signing a petition to sharing a story with your friends to starting a movement in your community.

However you decide to make a difference, share it with us and on your social networks! Tag us on Facebook! And if you tweet about it, make sure to include the hashtag #SexEtcTakeAction, so we can follow what you’ve done. You might even see your tweet on

step 1. choose a topic that interests you

step 2. choose an action

Get Involved with #BetterSexTalk Campaign

NYU student Josy Jablons, president of Students for Sexual Respect, started the #BetterSexTalk campaign with a simple question: If you could give one piece of advice about sex to a younger sibling, what would you say?

Click “Sign Up!” below to learn how you can become a partner in the movement, or just to stay up-to-date with BST happenings.

Check back here often for other quick ways to take action on sex ed!

Help Girls Who Can’t Afford Pads or Tampons!

Girls Helping Girls. Period. is a volunteer effort started by two sisters, Emma and Quinn, from New Jersey. Women in the US spend an average of about $70 a year on feminine hygiene products. GHG.P. collects unopened boxes of products and distributes them to people in need, through food pantries, schools systems and outreach programs.

Click “Get Involved!” below to learn how you can become a part of the effort!

Start an URGE Chapter at your School

Want to take action when it comes to sex ed, reproductive rights and gender equality? Want make a difference in your school community in a big way? Then consider starting an URGE chapter at your school!

URGE (United for Reproductive & Gender Equity) focuses on training youth to become activists on reproductive rights and issues of gender equality across the country.

Click “Sign Up!” below to learn how to start a chapter at your school. Once you’ve started a chapter come back and click “Done It!” to let us know you’ve taken action. You may be contacted by Sex, Etc. to learn more about why you think this issue is important!

Check back here often for other quick ways to take action on sex ed!


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